SF MegaThread

Asian Invasion's Shop:

A powerfull ninja sword crafted by he deathlord's order!
Level 3
Damage 10-15
Price 300

DeathLord's Honor
Sword used by elite members of the deathlord order. If you see one of these blades,
You know your dealing with
Level 5
Damage 15-25
Price 500

Arctos Insanity
Sword made from the very essence of arctos's insanity
level 6
Rarity 13
Damage 20-25
Price 600

Blood Fang
A dagger used by the Co-Leader of the Death Lord's. Kuruzo
Level 8
Rarity 13
Damage 35-40
Price 900

AI's Pride
Sword used by the leader of the DeathLord's, Now it is yours!
Level 9
Rarity 13
Damage 30-35
Price 1200

Police Station
Prologue-The Prologue
The Meeting-Storyline Part 2
[Lvl 3]Quest For The FireSet-Drops-Duel Fire Blade,Fire Blade
[Lvl 4] Forbidden Forest

Dracelix's Weapon Shop

Plasma Gun
A basic space pistol
Level 1
Rarity 0
Damage 1-5
Price 100

Default Shield +2
A low leveled shield but great if your a beginner!
Level 1
Rarity 0
Defense 2
Price 150

Blue Star Shield +4
A powerfull shield with amazing power!
level 4
Rarity 0
Defense 4
Price 350

Glass Shield +3
A shield made from glass :O
Level 3
Rarity 0
Defense 3
Price 250

Energy Shield +5
A powerfull which makes power ;)
Level 5
Rarity 0
Defense 5
Cost 450

Heavy Shield +7
A good sword but one downside, it weighs a ton!
Level 10
Rarity 0
Defense 0
Price 1000

Barber Shop!
Cut $10
Color $10
Duel SpaceLord Only!


Trade-Where you trade items
Trade Shop-Where you recieve items you traded for

Pet Shop
A low level pet but very powerful and trainable
level 1
Rarity 20
Damage 2-5
Price 150

Game Room
Space Destroyer-A Playable Game.

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