Demon Warrior
No-one knows where Belozw was born, however all that was known that he had always been in the great forest, he was one of the few who knew the arts of weapon crafting, infact he created some of the most powerful weapons. This causes King Elitis to ask Belozw to craft a weapon for him, when Belozw refused, King Elitis opened up an ancient portal summoning the Demon Val who merged with Belozw, cursing Belozw for eternity, now he is cursed to live forever and never love. Although he may be nice, he can never experience true love, he is a friendly person who know protects the great forest, and after his battle with King Elitis, even King Elitis leaves him alone, be warned those who cross Belozw, will feel the full wrath of his inner demons

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Thanks to Elitis.

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